Relaxing by the Pool

Colin by the pool

Our kids left Arizona for good today and will be in Albuquerque this evening, on their way east. Little Colin Henry will celebrate his 2nd birthday in Ohio with his other grandparents on August 12th. Here’s a pic of him relaxing by the pool on post at fort Huachuca the other day.

The good news is that Nina and Michael have bought a house in Maryland, just three hours away! So although I do not get to be with him on his second birthday in Ohio, I will see him on the 23rd of August – we are all going to my sisters grandson’s sixth birthday party.

And I am hoping that Nina will come home to Chincoteague for my birthday on September 2. So I can just nip up the road to see Colin, especially when things get quiet around here.

Hugs and kisses,


David is Considering an Upgrade from the Motorcycle!

Upgrade Ride 2Upgrade Ride





David is considering an upgrade from the motorcycle! This car was parked outside the General Patton Museum in Chiriaco Summit, close to Indio, CA.

General PattonGen. Patton was training troops in this area, and later led them in desert warfare in North Africa. The Army was afraid that Rommel was close to capturing the Suez Canal and General Patton was sent in to thwart Rommel’s intentions.

With Nina, Michael and Colin in Arizona

Colin and FriendAn overnight stay in El Paso and then we were finally with daughter Nina, son in law Michael and baby grandson Colin. They live south of Tucson, Arizona and have a big black lab named Lane – for the Virginia Tech football stadium!
Here he is with Colin!

Two weeks with the “kids”, which included visits to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Hoover dam, and then on the road to Gold Canyon, east of Phoenix.

Domino the cat



So delighted to see that David’s sister Jean and brother-in-law Burt now have a cat – she’s a real beauty, so friendly. Her name is Domino.

Tomorrow, we travel to friends in Riverside, CA. They have a dog!  To be continued……….”

The Innkeepers are on the Road from Chincoteague Island!

droopydillonThe Innkeepers of the Channel Bass Inn have been on the road for three weeks now from Chincoteague Island!

Our first stop was Blacksburg, VA, home of VA Tech (we are parents of a Hokie!).  We stayed with friends Sandra and Charlie, who have two lovely dogs. Here are Droopy (on the left) and Dillon, they were obviously being coaxed with a treat!

The Precious Gift

Barbara's Nina and Colin

Last year our beautiful daughter Nina gave us the precious gift of a gorgeous grandchild. Colin Henry was born at Fort Stewart, GA on August 12th.  Our son in law, Michael, will be promoted to the rank of Captain this coming September.  Sadly, (for us) he and NIna and the baby have just moved to Sierra Vista, AZ where they expect to stay for six months to a year ~ Michael will be taking courses in Military Intelligence at Fort Huachuca.  Of course, we are making plans to visit them very soon.